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Peat Cutter

by Kathryn Merwin

“Moora” stares across millennia, thanks to a
digital reconstruction based on
the Iron Age Girl’s fragmented skull.
National Geographic


You thought of Elke, nightclub lights
strobing through her skull (colors
I have never seen), the last night of her small
life. Said things like, before common era, processed Continue reading

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The Same, the Same, Trying to Change (After Prince)

By E. Kristin Anderson

Dear God, make me a bird. So I could fly far. 
Far far away from here.  –Jenny, Forrest Gump

I draw on these sounds for
some sense of reality—windows
are glass and I see my slack-jawed
reflection there.

I flick through albums, imagine
fingers on cardboard jackets,
lace gloves that must be removed
to handle these tomes.

What is a book if not a vehicle
for life? Americans lay in the street
and look for meaning in the clouds. Continue reading

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