If Only for a Moment

by J.J. Rogers

I pace around the 6×9,
counting blocks again. I
hope you can make it
today; my sanity hangs in the
balance, ready to tip one
way or the other, based on those
promised few minutes of words. Continue reading

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In the Bight

by Taylor Schaefer

The Skimmer slips from the pier at dawn.
Your father’s hand-me-down sweatshirt sleeves
fisted at your wrists to protect tender palms from the chill
of dip net. Follow the line just under the surface, remember Continue reading

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What Turned You Around?

by John Ballantine

“The shah of Iran is our friend. He sells oil at a price that we can pay so we can refine the products that grease your chassis, put gas in your tank, and provide chemical feedstocks that make our lives more comfortable. Here at Ashland Oil we do business with those that honor commitments and promote competition. John D. Rockefeller’s offspring—Texaco, Mobil, Exxon, Chevron, and Standard Oil of Ohio—want to play by the rules of their capitalist game, not the market. The major oil companies want to starve us of our life blood. They sell to each other and not us independent oil companies.”

My first press release in 1974. The perils of capitalism. Continue reading

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Having Sent an Old Picture, He Asks if I Remember Koh Phangan

by Jeanine Walker

Two hunched, shadowed figures, two flat silhouettes, sway in front of the boats
that went out to drag fish in each morning, as we slept beneath mosquito netting, Continue reading

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One for Comfort

by Russell Thayer

Maggie waited on a barstool, ready to enjoy a night of hot jazz. Another long day of restaurant work had ended, and she was finally free of her custard-yellow uniform, white apron, and the idiotic mutterings of her co worker, Eve. The thought of Ronnie Johnson’s Combo on stage soon at the New Orleans Swing Club made Maggie snap her fingers with excitement. She’d dance tonight if a man asked her. Someday she might even get up on stage and beat that old piano herself. Continue reading


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