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When You Got Out of Prison, Did It Take a While to Adjust?

by Ace Boggess

Question asked by Sarena Fox.


At night, I can
turn the world
to darkness
with a twist,
no having to
tie a sock
around my eyes.

Friday, I walked a lap
of the yard. Just one.
It wasn’t the same. Continue reading

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by Lynda Scott Araya

Inspired by Mary Ward

In China, they eat birthday longevity noodles,
Lo mein, pulled thinner than my nerves,
cat-cradle looped over a mother’s hands like a girl’s
primary school game. Koru shaped,
they lie on a floured board,
eight metres long; perfect.
They spiral universes of possibilities, smell of warm milk,
a young baby’s neck.
Later, they are ladled abundant onto plates
and slurped unbroken for a long life to come. Continue reading

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A Sestina for the Death-Steeped Rivers During the Pandemic

by Debasish Mishra

Carcasses float in rivers
a head here and a torso there
like offerings in Tibetan sky
burials harpooned by hungry
vultures that splash the air
with blood and fear of death

The pulsating ripples of death
dance in the blood-steeped rivers
and scatter in the venomous air
like smoldering corpses. There
is little hope for the hungry
hapless eyes that gaze the sky Continue reading

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by Jackie K. White

Facing it, you debate being told how light
the unbreathing body is,

when her blood, how heavy, her bone, are
gone now to stone.

On one side: her name, dates, a hopeful
verse. On the blank side: Continue reading

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Banshees, Jesus, Hyenas, Sharks But No Wine

by Claire Scott

I ask him if he heard the banshees last night
baying at the moon, a sure sign of impending disaster
my husband is slicing radishes with a spoon
he looks up but says nothing Continue reading

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