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From a Sow’s Ear

by Juliet S. Kono

Every bone of roast chicken we ate
at my grandparents’ we stripped
of meat and sucked, before adding them
to the bowl for Mother to take.
She washed the clacking bones
and boiled them for hours, Continue reading


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Ethel Kewalo, 1932

by Loren Moreno

What little I knew about my real father
was used to shame me.

Not-real Daddy would say, One of these
is not like the others.
 My sisters and I, shoulder-to-shoulder—

I’m this brown, dark thing against their milky Portuguese.
Their long black hair falling in waves.  Continue reading

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The Cave

by Cameron Morse

Vampire you call me, leaving for work,
me at home, on SSI, unemployed.

Vampire for shutting the door
to my study, for lowering

the blinds, for sucking, sucking
you dry: my cook, my bank, my wife. Continue reading

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by Nancy Christopherson

Imagine yourself on Jupiter.
You’re wearing your space
suit your helmet and your oxygen level
is fine.  Essentially drifting in clouds Continue reading

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Vacation Dad Rides Again

by Eric Lochridge

He emerges from exile early in the trip, unshaved, bedhead, cargo shorts, T-shirt, flipflops and a half-cracked smile. Loose behind the wheel, he uncorks a bawdy joke involving the tailpipe of the slow driver ahead. Freed two weeks from the masks—budget overlord, enforcer of curfews, master of developing young lives. Freed from the Continue reading

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