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I Am Building A Boat

by Chrys Tobey

Made of paper and popsicle sticks. Made of sadness.
This part carries my past loves. This part has my childhood,

my shame. This part holds my loss. I am sailing it down
a stream of rainwater. I have painted it orange because someone

I once loved wore this color. I don’t know if you’ll ever find it.
Maybe you will, but you won’t want it. Maybe you’ll be too afraid. Continue reading

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Thirty-Eight Minutes

by Kathleen Peppard

What do you do when you receive
the emergency alert warning

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Continue reading


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White Ginger

by Joseph Stanton

Picked ginger, a glory of fragility, perfumes,
ever so briefly, a person or a room.

There are those who avoid the odor,
but for me it’s a sudden door—

discovered sometimes
on the edges of my lawn— Continue reading

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by Angela Nishimoto


Blue butterfly with black, brown
And green marks. Carried by the breeze and
Her own limp exertions, she beats
Her wings dizzy without sugar-fuel for

Two days. Blown from continental beach
Out to the Pacific Ocean, she opens her wings, closes.
Swooped upon by the god-wind, she cannot resist.
She is lepidopteran, an animal, so she must eat. Continue reading

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Golden Autumn

by Paula Goldman

after Monet’s Impression, Sunrise (1873)

Each morning when the sun streams
into the bedroom from the lake,
I see Monet’s Impression, Sunrise.
How he did it in one sitting! No,
he was standing at a window
overlooking the harbor at Le Havre. Continue reading

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