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Bare Necessities

by Lana Spendl

I walk into her office to give her papers
and she comes to mine to return them.

My walls are bare. Just a table, a chair.
Coffee pot in corner, next to a lamp
a coworker gave.
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Girl at Window Seat Closes Shade, Flight FR 112

by Jim McKenna 

Surging down aisles, haphazardly
filing into their quarters: sardines packed
air tight and pressurized.

One takes her seat next to me, distinctly
and routined, pale overhead lighting
reflecting off of her young scales.
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Man Inside an Unprepared Piano

by Peter Krumbach

The composer has inserted his head and upper torso
into the lacquered case of the grand piano.
Trembling harmonics rise through the symphony hall.
Opera glasses aim at his satin braided pants and black
swallow-tailed coat writhing under the open wing
of the Steinway. He resembles a mechanic
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Soul Searching in a Peach Orchard

by Bryce Berkowitz

after Edward Hirsch

Today we drift through a peach orchard,
scabbed and calloused,
branches bent in black and gold angles,
while the sun sets over the prairie.
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From Conversations Imagined

by Lisa Higgs

Along the edges of snowmelt, a thin skin
of what is not ice, of what is not snow,
but some rare weave of form passing its twin
in selfsame geneses. Strand of marrow,
waiting its tide. Pull of light a discipline
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