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Safe Passage

by Brad Crenshaw

All said, things are settling down.
It’s that sort of world, definitely
haunted, but those who know report that roads
are open in Los Angeles, where people
try to breathe again, and citizens
in India can see the Himalayas
white as frozen ghosts. It gives me heart
somehow. Hindus wave at neighbors, and
in Tuscany the sheltered businessmen
are singing on their ledges. Early morning
somewhere lately, oilmen wake on ocean
platforms without blasting, no spills
out of the center of the earth. Almost
no one’s getting murdered anymore. Continue reading

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Parking Lot Birds Favor Older Cars,

by Michael Mark

shifting twig foot to twig foot
like tweed-coated squatters around
trash can fires.  Continue reading

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The Plot

by Matthew Bruce

We lie with compost squeezed
between our fingers. Honey-
dew, cantaloupe rinds make
small tombstones. Black-
banana mash leaks boozy
gas into the rosemary. Continue reading

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England, 1580

by Kathryn Haueisen
(from Mayflower Chronicles: The Tale of Two Cultures)

William rode on alone for another half hour until he spotted a house at the edge of a forest. Smoke rising from the stone chimney gave him hope this might be where he and Good Fortune could rest for the night. A dog barking announced his approach. William stayed mounted as the barking spaniel ran circles around them. Good Fortune moved back and forth and side to side to dodge the dog. Mercifully, the horse didn’t rear up. Continue reading

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by Alex Thomas

Run the numbers again and hope
that you come up with something
more sure of your survival. Run

the numbers again and hope for
a new figure on the other side
of the equals sign. The New
Yorkers tell me that they gauge Continue reading

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