by Nancy Christopherson

Imagine yourself on Jupiter.
You’re wearing your space
suit your helmet and your oxygen level
is fine.  Essentially drifting in clouds Continue reading

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by Jarelle Kraus

Buenos Aires, 1992:

It’s a sultry February here below the equator, where Nazis are harbored, where machismo reigns. Where Argentina’s middleweight boxing champion, Carlos Monzón, flung his wife out the window to her death. “My dinner was late for the second night in a row,” Monzón explained.

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Vacation Dad Rides Again

by Eric Lochridge

He emerges from exile early in the trip, unshaved, bedhead, cargo shorts, T-shirt, flipflops and a half-cracked smile. Loose behind the wheel, he uncorks a bawdy joke involving the tailpipe of the slow driver ahead. Freed two weeks from the masks—budget overlord, enforcer of curfews, master of developing young lives. Freed from the Continue reading

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Raspberry Vanilla Zephyr

by Karen Fayeth 

Be cool, man, be cool, said the voice inside Billy’s brain as he looked at Josey Adams looking at a pillow top Posturepedic with double lumbar support.

Boy, I’d support every single one of her lumbar, that same voice said. Continue reading


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by W.T. Pfefferle

I am sorry for the sound of the whippoorwill.

I take back the things we said in Tucumcari.
I reset my watch to the top of each hour,
before the whippoorwill, Continue reading

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