One for Comfort

by Russell Thayer

Maggie waited on a barstool, ready to enjoy a night of hot jazz. Another long day of restaurant work had ended, and she was finally free of her custard-yellow uniform, white apron, and the idiotic mutterings of her co worker, Eve. The thought of Ronnie Johnson’s Combo on stage soon at the New Orleans Swing Club made Maggie snap her fingers with excitement. She’d dance tonight if a man asked her. Someday she might even get up on stage and beat that old piano herself. Continue reading


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At the Confluence of Latah Creek and the Spokane

by Damien Uriah

the present word sleeps
in a wet tennis shoe laid on a tarp
while the nameless bird sings from the south
as if resting in the sky
in another world the river woman sneaks up behind me
her footprints travelling as rocks Continue reading

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The Heart Murmur

by Elizabeth Crowell

When my son weighed a pound a half,
his breath lagged like a dragging step.
His heart murmured, unclosed,
and so they opened that tiny, living body up. Continue reading

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14 Lines for Vacancies 

by Matthew LaFreniere

We drive, my mother and I, down
Timberlake, not silent but not talking,
the neons of store signs and brake lights stark Continue reading

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by Cammy Thomas

Orbiting above the earth, spinning
in solitude and fear, watching
earth loop by in its interstellar
loneliness, caught in my spacesuit,
air running out, can’t stop the wobble— Continue reading

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