Want Not

by Jane Flint

When power burns
through all within its path
its glow transfers
to the contours
of its kindling. Continue reading

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by Cheryl Isaac

A cigarette held by shaky fingers
The coffee mug vibrates
Bombs explode in Syria
More dead in Nice
Thunder crashes in Georgia
The nerves tighten their grip
The saucer shatters Continue reading

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Grief and Other Armageddons

by Celeste Noelani McLean

It is the baby’s still birthday, so
I dust his urn with my fingertips
The only care-taking I do now
He is dead

The other children get my
Unremarkable busy-day parenting,
Utility of soft white sandwich bread and
Tight-as-you-can embraces Continue reading

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On Safari

by Marty Carlock

The adapter plug wouldn’t fit into the socket. What did he expect, they were staying in a tent, for god’s sake. It wasn’t a bad tent, as tents go – mosquito netting over its openings, deck out front with armchairs and tables, queen-sized bed thick with pillows and comforters, ceiling fan, reading lamps, arm chairs, bathroom, showers inside and out. Yes, a shower outside set into something that looked like half a tree trunk, so you could sunbathe and look out on the savanna and watch the elephants walk by in the distance while you were washing. There were even doors built into the side of the canvas walls so you didn’t have to deal with tent flaps and other inconveniences. He guessed if they had to stay in a tent it was as good as they would get. Continue reading

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My Fiftieth Year in California

by Sharon Fain

Soon the longest night of the year
will bear down on these trails
near my home, a darkness

that for the ancients was like a death.
At New Grange and Stone Henge
they lit torches, waited it out. Continue reading

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