The Yes

by Elizabeth Cohen

woke up to the other side
smell of the crunch and cobble of late grass
bloom the morning
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by Lawrence F. Farrar

Dick Cooper avoided newspaper obituaries; too many of them concerned people his age or, even worse, younger. Nonetheless, he wondered what the notice of his own passing might be like. He supposed it would be short; his days rendered in bare outline. The wrap-up of most people’s lives didn’t amount to much. He expected the sum of his own life would be no different. Perhaps it would be something like this: Continue reading

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Every Time

by Peter E. Murphy

The way the tide rubbed up against the beach,
the sand thought it was a friend. It lay there
dumb as a child while the current brushed it, Continue reading

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Island Resort Stray

by Scott Hutchison

She must be quiet—creeping through
hibiscus hedgerow for geckos, approaching
the lobster tourists who pity all kitties
and toss bites of grilled mahi-mahi;
her sister once boldly demanded such tribute
seeking antidote for her scant ribs and belly, Continue reading

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Talking Through the Animals

by Megan Kerns

I do the voices, and over time they
begin to seem more real. The dog says that
my ex smelled like the vet. A real buffet
of stupid. A helpful squirrel gnawing at Continue reading


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