Doctor Williams, Driving Home

by Tim Suermondt

This delivery went so well
he says, “I should write a poem about it
and fill it with pizzazz.”
He thinks of the baby girl he held,
the sweet jam-like stickiness of her body,
telling the mother, “She’s got a long journey
ahead of her, but I think she’ll make it.”
The night seems to get darker
every hundred yards and he’s glad
he knows the road like the back
of his black medical bag.
A light shines like some strange beacon
from a church steeple, and briefly
he doesn’t believe New Jersey is so bad,
irretrievably lost. “I think I’ll make it too,”
he says, speeding the rambler just a bit.


Tim Suermondt is the author of two full-length collections of poetry: Trying To Help The Elephant Man Dance ( The Backwaters Press, 2007) and Just Beautiful (New York Quarterly Books, 2010). He lives in Cambridge, MA– with his wife, the poet Pui Ying Wong.

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