Sometimes Not

By Ann Minoff

my sister never calls
sends an e-mail instead
I will be out of town on such and such date
sometimes love, her name
sometimes not
we live ten minutes from one another
I don’t visit her, she doesn’t visit me

years ago when we were teens
she would wear two bras at a dance
so the boys couldn’t feel her nipples
we argued, fought, threw silverware
at one another until our mother separated us

when I invited her to see
my new apartment overlooking the river
she said I’ll be upset
your place is probably beautiful
and you’ll be there


Ann Minoff graduated from New York University with a degree in philosophy and continued her education at the National College of Chiropractic in Illinois. Ann received her Doctorate of Chiropractic in 1982. Ann currently teaches classes on Qigong and Kabbalah.


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2 responses to “Sometimes Not

  1. Hello good people, you state any published poem also gives you all internet rights. What if I wished to publish an e-book, would these rights you then own prevent the publication of my book?

    I enjoy reading the authors shown here.

    • hipacificreview

      No, we cannot and would not stand in the way of eBook or other book publication. We ask only that HPR be mentioned as the first publisher of individual pieces.
      This is the glossary that we use regarding publication rights:

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