by Ben Heins

And in that mouth,
in that black hole
of dangling stars

I’m staring at so many things:
your teeth, pink inner-cheek, tongue.

That men could speak
of you
but not to you,
or to you
but not loudly –

a long moan I’ve heard from a long, anonymous body

towering over you.

And to that skin,
buffed, polished,
spotlit, I say
nothing –

to the spinal curve, nothing;
to the curled toes trembling in stilettos,

Ben Heins is the author of two poetry chapbooks: Cut Me Free (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2014) and Greatest Hits & B-Sides (Vagabondage Press, 2012). He is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Writing at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. More info at www.benheins.com

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