To Maui

by Julia Wieting

about to boat the stars, then see
ocean lit back and under all comes
swell lap sail luff fish slap
forget land so dive in digging
anemone polyp he‘e stingray eel
display midnight diorama on deck marks
spot in salty footprint map
the ancients’ stories orion kaheiheionakeiki
cassiopeia ‘iwakeli‘i whisper no kalupeokawelo
cancer yes this is the way.
look up the wet sea look down
star wash glitters wave scales

tilt.  balance becomes feeling between
you and such embracing abyss.

(hunter queen horse eat death
mo‘o ‘a‘ama chase ‘olelo life)


Julia Wieting publishes The Cast Off Press and is poetry editor for Paradise Review. She has also edited Hawai‘i Review, Vice-Versa, and Kalamakua. Her poetry appears in Spiral Orb, Jack London is Dead, Hawai‘i Review, Paradise Review, JAAM, Deep South, and forthcoming in Bone Bouquet

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