Da Next Big Watevah

by Joe Balaz

Human nature no change
wen da time digits go by

so try dis battery-powered E-cig
wit induced vapors

and let me know wat you tink.

No moa any smoke or tar

but da ting stay infused wit nicotine
and it still has dat captivating hook.


Plenty people stay looking
foa da domino buzz

so dey can enhance
da wavelength.


So maybe you like some fake pot
dat new kine herbal incense

foa help you meditate
and medicate.

Put ‘um on da stove
and call da kettle black

cause dat synthetic marijuana
still going make you loopy.


Oh, no!

We stay climbing da ladder now
slipping through da gateway.


Science marches on

and tink of all da goodies
dat stay coming in da future

to join old-fashioned
acid and ice

and all da adah
mind and body slammers.


Da next big watevah
coming down da road

going be selling euphoria
wit da latest escape.


Make sure you maintain
and keep your finger on da brain

so you can avoid
da final megaton rush.


Joe Balaz writes in Hawaiian Pidgin (Hawai’i Creole English) and American-English. He edited Ho`omanoa: An Anthology of Contemporary Hawaiian Literature.

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