Talking Through the Animals

by Megan Kerns

I do the voices, and over time they
begin to seem more real. The dog says that
my ex smelled like the vet. A real buffet
of stupid. A helpful squirrel gnawing at

some nut confers with me about my job.
Forget about that garbage. Quit without
delay. The cat will not forgive the swab
of medicine into her ear. She shouts,

Prepare yourself for urine in your shoes.
The chatter is so constant, I forget
there are no voices but my own. I choose
this phylum of forgetting to beget

an order for my loneliness. No shame,
to give a kingdom speech, as well as name.


Megan Kerns holds an MFA in nonfiction from The Ohio State University, where she served as the Nonfiction Editor for The Journal from 2014-2015.  Her essay,“This Is East Tennessee Punk Rock,” was named as a finalist in Yemassee‘s 2015 Creative Nonfiction Contest, and is forthcoming from Yemassee in September 2015.  Her work has also appeared in The Pinch and The Rumpus. In August, she will return to OSU as a full-time lecturer in the English Department.


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3 responses to “Talking Through the Animals

  1. jack kerns

    That’s our Megan …as a toddler she mimicked her shelter rescued mix- bag dog’ “lucky”. She could bark,run on all fours through the house,scratch behind her ear and even tried real dog bones !They say children learn by observing…That is sooo true ! Today she rooms with
    her husband along with a king james spaniel and several totally dominant kittys!

  2. jack kerns

    Megan, we are very proud of you.

  3. Beautiful piece, Megan. Really enjoyed it.

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