Friendly Wars

By Ndaba Sibanda

Ever since his appointment to the lofty position of defense minister, he seemed to be gripped by some phobia. Some residents claimed the irrational fear stemmed from the possibility that he did not know what he was expected to do. Others thought that he was a lucky coward who found himself having to oversee a strategic security portfolio which he did not deserve or understand.

Then one day one foreign journalist decided to ask him one general question. “Sir, please shed light on what you are doing or intend doing as minister of defense to keep soldiers fit?”

With exaggerated steadiness, he cleared his throat and said, “Soon l will start some friendly wars with neighboring countries.”

Ndaba Sibanda
is a passionate and prolific poet who hails from Bulawayo. His poems, essays and short stories have appeared in many international books, magazines and journals.

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