The South Platte Near Platteville

by Steve Meador

is ankle deep
in many spots
even when thin ice forms
fingers from the wrist of a bank
it is safe to walk
to the sandy center of the river
and stand
in the trickle and tink
When the wind dies
close your eyes
Listen up
Can you hear
horse hooves pawing in gravel
Can you hear
a magpie fly
across the lowing sky
to the nakedness
of the cottonwood
Can you hear
barbed wire whistle in a breeze
If not you are breathing
too loud
Your heart
has not yet unfrozen
Your color
is not yet clear


Steve Meador has three books of poetry published and when he is not on a road trip you can find him in Florida working as a real estate broker. His work has appeared regularly in print or online journals, resulting in numerous nominations for awards. However, he has yet to see his name at the top of the list.

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