by Aidan Coleman

The single candidate
your village wears.
A face to guess

on lampposts, fences; inviolate
behind shop-glass.
Asked after, knocked for, cut

and pasted, this face
of other
faces. The mouth enquiring

directions to your house.
The eyes
that find you sleeping.

The face you hurry past
at going-home time
in the Loch-Ness-light of late summer.


Aidan Coleman has published two books of poetry, which were shortlisted for national book awards in Australia. His poems are regularly included in anthologies, including Best Australian Poems and Australian Poetry Since 1788, and they have appeared in The Australian, The Canberra Times, Australian Book Review, Warwick Review, Poetry Ireland Review, Antipodes and Virginia Quarterly Review.



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  1. Great to read this poem by a great Australian poet. ts

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