Golden Station

by Joe Balaz

and numb to it all

da emotional atmospherics
dat stay emanating from da brain

is kinnah different
den da locomotive pulling da train.


Let me apply some scrutiny
and put wun x-ray on da situation.


I can see lately

dat it’s very complicated
and sometimes frustrating

cause da scope
of wat it’s really about

no boil down
to wun perceptible sound bite.


Sliding into doubt
or second guessing

can derail anyting
and send you into wun ditch.


In da face of dat

no come all bent
and trow your hands up in da air

cause da golden station
is always deah

waiting at da end of da destination.


Dere’s too much power
available in da engine

to not get back on track
and race down dat dream.


Joe Balaz has created works in American English and Hawaiian Islands Pidgin (Hawai`i Creole English). He is the editor of Ho`omanoa: An Anthology of Contemporary Hawaiian Literature and is the author of Pidgin Eye

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