If Only for a Moment

by J.J. Rogers

I pace around the 6×9,
counting blocks again. I
hope you can make it
today; my sanity hangs in the
balance, ready to tip one
way or the other, based on those
promised few minutes of words.

No clock on the wall—I have
already had lunch; it must be
after noon. Visiting hours
will end soon. Guessing the time,
hoping I’m wrong—I think I
will work another Sudoku puzzle.

My stomach is aflutter,
Jittery; I’m sweating. I long to see
your face through the glass,
to hear your voice, to once
again feel human—if only
for a moment. I hope everything
is all right. I’m sure you
will be here soon.


J.J. Rogers has appeared in numerous publications, including Front Range Review, Old Red Kimono, Muse, The Deronda Review, Evening Street Review, and others. He is currently working on a poetry book/musical album compilation, blending poetry and songwriting with various styles of music.

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One response to “If Only for a Moment

  1. Kim Justice

    I know what the person you waiting for feels like .

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