A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

by Hosho McCreesh
(from A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst)

At the chalet
and you’re guzzling down
bombers of Farmer beer,
and the occasional measure
of Lagavulin, and
Rachmaninov’s 2nd is
booming out of the
old record player, and
it’s snowing again
in the Alps.

And the fireplace is glowing,
and you’re typing, typing, typing
poems, and poems, and
letters, and
you’re painting,
and you’re sleeping
when tired,
and eating
when hungry,
and waking
when rested,
and drinking
when sober or
even just thirsty.

And you’re living,
like your buddy says,
“life to your
furthest edges,”
and all this time
you’ve been so wrong
about so many things,
and life really is
and who knew that
all you ever had to do
was figure


Hosho McCreesh is currently writing & painting in the gypsum & caliche badlands of the American Southwest. His work has appeared widely in print, audio, & online. www.hoshomccreesh.com


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2 responses to “A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

  1. Did this writer tap in to the collective revelation that the writer’s dilemma is no dilemma at all? But a fixation dependent on creating to keep it afloat?
    Puzzling and peaceful all at once❕🖊

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