Snow Melting on Your Parents’ Driveway

by Sarain Frank Soonias

stay in it
somewhere you know its special
don’t worry about time
somewhere you know its snow melting on your parents driveway
the girls are women with responsibilities
but they’re still girls
and they like that you’re still a boy
don’t mind that you’re a man
and you don’t know enough to worry anyways
you can feel the drums again
now you know they never stop
it never stops beating
none of it
you’re meant to change
and thats okay
the drums keep beating
stay in it
be special


Sarain Frank Soonias is a Cree/Anishnaabe writer residing in Vancouver, Canada. Sarain’s poetry is inspired by his evolving relationship with (de)colonization, trauma, love and healing. Poems from his initial collection, All Wrong Horses on Fire That Go Away In the Rain, have been featured in The Temz Review and will appear in forthcoming issues of Shrapnel Magazine, Carousel Magazine, and The Queens Quarterly.

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