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Hawaii Pacific Review is an online literary journal based at Hawaii Pacific University.

The Green Coat

by Samantha Steiner

It was a weekday, sunny but winter, and I was in my hooded green coat. I approached the subway platform just as a man was leaving, but he wasn’t leaving, he was walking toward me. He had a hand on my arm, stroking the fabric of my coat, and his head leaned too close: a thin face, a deep umber, salt and pepper scruff, eyes that emanated permanent confusion. Continue reading

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The Department Store of Everything

by Suzanne Verrall

while everyone else went home laden
I was left

unable to find
a pair of size nine beds
for my sleepwalking feet Continue reading

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Holland Park

by Cynthia Belmont

I lived in London for half my junior year of college and only spoke to my parents twice. It was the 1980s, before the internet and mobile devices, when you were truly on your own. Overseas calls were expensive, and I enjoyed crafting my life into hand-written letters featuring scenes that amplified its splendor. Continue reading

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My Tinder Date, Who Called Me by My Full-name,

by A.C. Dobell

didn’t say it like other people say it
with a playful hesitation at its unfamiliarity

in their mouths; it was one exhale,
four syllables rounded one small fire
in the night. I don’t use it often, Continue reading

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Question of Survival

by Kim Steutermann Rogers

The sun sets over an endless sea, flashing a mysterious green, while a purple squall stomps on the horizon. I stand in the middle of a sandy island the size of a graveyard, and just as flat. This is exactly what I want after the last ten months—time alone on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It’s what I hope will right my world that’s canted 27 degrees to the left, one degree for each year of marriage. Is what I hope will rid me of the ghost of a perfect husband, a perfect marriage, a perfect life. Continue reading

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