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A Child Speaks to Libokra

by Jacquelyn Markham

A myth on the Bikini Atoll, claims that Libokra, an evil female spirit, once lived in the southern Marshalls where Rongerik was originally located. She stole the atoll, hid it among the northern islands, and attempted to settle at Bikini, but was driven off by Orijabato, a benevolent male spirit who resided there and guarded the Bikinians. The elders say Libokra fled and everywhere she visited, fish became poisoned and the crops declined. Her body, cast into the lagoon, poisoned the fish that since then make people sick when eaten.
R. Kiste, The Bikinians

Libokra, my father said it was you
that came to Bikini before the people had to leave
and that Orijabato drove you off
because you were evil
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