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Ethel Kewalo, 1932

by Loren Moreno

What little I knew about my real father
was used to shame me.

Not-real Daddy would say, One of these
is not like the others.
 My sisters and I, shoulder-to-shoulder—

I’m this brown, dark thing against their milky Portuguese.
Their long black hair falling in waves.  Continue reading


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In Every House, a Shadow Beyond the Door

by Loren Moreno

It can last from a few seconds to a minute or two and is often associated with hypnogogic hallucinations, things you see when you’re trying to wake up.
—Dr. Priyanka Yadav

The doorway, rectangle cut in the peeling white wall,
opens to blackness, where the mind superimposes
shapes and figures emerging from nothing. Continue reading

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