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Working On It

by Taylor García

Slow days like this, I consider parking my van somewhere on Garnet Avenue to drum up business. It’s a good idea, but then I’d have to walk back home. Or I could just stay in Pacific Beach all day with the van, but without Pablo, it’s lonely. Plus, I can’t work on my art. I just finished “Closed Tuesdays” this morning. It’s an old wooden frame, the backdrop a combination of postcards we got from St. Croix, rum and beer labels, and fragments of Jimmy Buffet’s book. In the center is a small pile of real sand I hoisted from Frederiksted Beach, and on top of that is a tiny pirate’s chest I grabbed from a client’s kid. This piece would fit right in at that art market, Pangaea, in PB. One day I’ll have my own booth there to sell my work. I’ll call it “Soul Kitchen.” Continue reading

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