Shackleton’s Hut

by Karissa Knox Sorrell

Socks hanging on a line.
Metal tins with red labels:
Mutton cutlets. Irish stew.
Roast Veal. Roast Beef.
Three penguin skins
on hooks in the corner.
A navy vest on the floor.
A single gray glove against a bed.
Two pairs of boots on a food crate.
And outside of the shack,
a mummified seal,
its eyes white ovals of ice.


Karissa Knox Sorrell earned her MFA from Murray State University in 2010. She is the author of Evening Body, a poetry chapbook forthcoming from Finishing Line Press. Her poetry and non-fiction have previously been published in journals such as Gravel Mag, Silver Birch Press, Parable Press, Flycatcher, Cactus Heart, San Pedro River Review, and St. Katherine Review. Find her on Twitter @KKSorrell.


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