Wing Night at the Enlisted Club

by Lucas Shepherd

Someone plants a full beer bottle
near the jungle. Longneck, full
sweat in this humidity. Sure enough,
before long, a coconut crab emerges
between ifit trees. She is called robber
crab, palm thief. Glass clinks like a toast.
She pinches her trophy proudly, gracefully.

Then the bottle falls. Everyone laughs
at this island inhabitant, robber crab,
palm thief, trying to take back
from the takers. Her wrath so silent,
speech unintelligible, slow and ancient
movement worth only a chuckle.


Lucas Shepherd served in the USAF from 2006-2010. His military poetry has been nominated for two Pushcart Prizes, and is forthcoming in Hobart, Storm Cellar, and Chiron Review. Currently he teaches English at Tyler Junior College in Texas..

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