25 Entries Found for ‘Kumu’

by Jonathon Medeiros

A kumu is a teacher.
She is a tree, the base, the trunk, the root,
The source, the beginning of a braid.
She is a plant in the mud.
Kūmū is a fish.

And a tree is a teacher
To those who sit with it.
So is the kalo.
And so is the fish.

And when we swim,
And when we walk,
And when we sit
Under the leaves,
Or at the edge of the loʻi,
Twisting strips of lau hala,
Braiding hair or sweetgrass,
Or when we sit beneath the waves,
What do we learn?
Who do we teach?
What beginnings do we make?


Jonathon Medeiros, former director of the Kauaʻi Teacher Fellowship, has been teaching and learning about Language Arts and rhetoric for 15 years with students on Kauaʻi and he frequently writes about education, equity, and the power of curiosity. He believes in teaching his students that curiosity kills boredom and that if you change all of your mistakes or regrets, you’d erase yourself. Jonathon walks, he paddles, he surfs, and builds and enjoys spending time with his brilliant wife and daughters. Follow him on Twitter @jonmedeiros, visit his author page jonathonmedeiros.com, or contact him at jonathonmedeiros@gmail.com

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