The Pants

by Michael Mark


She made the pants too wide

so when he tried them on

he was swallowed up like out

of the Bible. It’s because you

don’t eat enough! she yelled

into the trousers, hearing back

the wrinkly echo of her melodic

tones. She could have been a famous

singer. Tired of his annoyingness

she went to cook goulash. Dinner!

she called to the pants, splayed

so comfortably on the floor. What

she wouldn’t give for such peace.

She poured the brown food straight

from the pot down one leg, then

the other until she heard, Overdid

the paprika again but the chicken’s

moist! With her knife she shredded

the front and back pockets, waist

band, cuffs, then went for a smoke,

saddened by letting another one

get away. A belt! she thought. That

would have changed everything. Everything,

she sang. Everything!


Michael Mark is the author of  Visiting Her in Queens is More Enlightening than a Month in a Monastery in Tibet which won the Rattle Chapbook prize and will be published in 2022. His poems have been recently appeared in Copper Nickel, Grist, Pleiades, Ploughshares, Poetry Northwest, The Southern Review, The Sun.

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