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Customer Service

by Elliott Gish

The customer has hair on his knuckles. That is the first thing I notice when I look up and see him standing in front of the service desk, his hands resting gently on its edge. The hair is black and thick, growing in wild tufts like those on the tails of wild pigs.

“Excuse me, miss. If I might have a moment of your time.” Continue reading

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The Confusion of Trauma and Self

by Kathleen Janeschek

When I stop to touch another’s skin,
my fingers curve around their limbs and
push down into silky fat woven into muscle
into meat upon bone into the texture of vessels
charting course between the ridges Continue reading

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First Warm Weekend in May

by Anna Halberstadt

First warm weekend in May
a single puffy cloud like foam in a cappuccino
against a perfectly blue background.
In Union Square behind
bouquets of lilacs in buckets
of cold water
an eight-year-old future math prodigy
is playing a blitz with a middle-aged
chess professional
of narrowly local ranking
a dollar fifty per game Continue reading

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