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Holland Park

by Cynthia Belmont

I lived in London for half my junior year of college and only spoke to my parents twice. It was the 1980s, before the internet and mobile devices, when you were truly on your own. Overseas calls were expensive, and I enjoyed crafting my life into hand-written letters featuring scenes that amplified its splendor. Continue reading

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On Counting Horses

by Robin Schauffler

When we were young my sister read a book where the heroine believed that if you could count one hundred white horses in a summer you would get your wish, any wish you wanted. This seemed like powerful magic. Continue reading


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Waiting for the Diagnosis

by AE Hines

Lying with the man I love,
I muse about a farm
high in the Colombian mountains,
where terraced slopes of coffee
meander valley to peak
and disappear into mist. Continue reading

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